UX + Human Behavior

Using knowledge of human behavior to create smart design

Donna J. Bridge, Ph.D.

I design interactive computer tasks to help people think through complex decisions.

In my free time, I practice yoga in a hot room while waving around weights (it's actually a lot of fun), cook vegetarian food, and play board games with my husband. I also enjoy self-reflection and thinking about life.

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Consciousness continuum

Unconscious and conscious processes govern our behavior.

The eyes are the window to the brain

Using eye movements to read minds.

Memory is malleable

Our memories say more about who we are than who we were.

Active learning

Actively using memory to enhance learning.

Remembering the forest or the trees

Emotion influences what we pay attention and what we remember.

The art of experimental design

Coming Soon. Three key approaches to apply to design to test causal inference.